Syed Reza Elias


Syed Reza Elias, Chief Operating Officer (COO), International Center for Capacity Development (ICCD)

Syed Reza Elias is a veteran management expert in Bangladesh. He has over 30 years of management experience in various sectors including shipping, readymade garments, management consultancy, training and development, overseas training management, etc.
Following are some snapshots of his expertise:
• Maintaining of a good and positive work environment in the office and looking after overall interest of the company which refers to protection of company’s assets, image, developing preventive measures throughout the organization. Taking measures of loss prevention in different areas.
• Managing all kinds of critical situation with the clients in different areas and solving the problem issues.
• Maintaining promoting and ensuring compliance of the company policies and integrity.
• Helping the company in selection and recruitment of staff.
• Reporting and apprising risk/safety factors to overseas counterpart to the Management and providing suggestive approach where corrective actions/ measures can be taken.
• Assisting, supporting, motivating and encouraging staff in their daily work/responsibilities.
• Reviewing employees’ performance, accountability and reporting to head quarter on a quarterly basis.
• Evaluating staff and cultivating talent to feed the organization to reach the organization’s achievement as well as goals.

• Sourcing including choice of suppliers based on buyer's needs and demand.
• Bringing consolidated information as to the financial position from the supplier’s bank; try to secure their product intelligence, performance with current buyers pertaining to the production and delivery matters.
• Evaluating suppliers and approving them based on financial position, market reputation and attitude of the supplier etc.
• Providing analytical reports and briefings on regulatory issues and Office Administration.
• Taking care of arrangement related to taxation for staff and for the Company.
• Implementing system where all new supplier sourcing are being evaluated and at the same time samples are provided to the overseas offices , A format is developed with questions/ advises that easily gives a picture if the factory lives up to Buyers standards and expectation.
• Coordinating with the supplier and analysing different areas (i.e., If any major production issues/problems exist, fixation of price, Shipping issues, he assist relevant staff during situational problem facing by the supplier.
• Collecting Company profile of suppliers, Oekotex, ISO , ETP , WARP , Fair Trade certificate, other clients production samples , new fabrics, new print method etc and send to the overseas office in order to evaluate the quality of suppliers production. .
• Arranging weekly meeting with staff and discuss all the issues related to the production of current orders.
• Communicating daily with the buyers via skype and E-mail
• Strategically solving problems to maintain ultimate goals.
• Setting up process to enhance competency at par with planned output and activities
• Motivating and cooperating with the staff to gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness
• Providing clear knowledge to the supplier about the Mission. Vision, Goal of the Company.
• Liaising with Central Bank, Ministry of Industry, Board of Investment, NBR, office of the Deputy Commissioner of Taxes in order to keep updated information as to the issuance of revised circular related to Export of Readymade garments.
• Coordinating with legal matters with the legal advisor.
• Preparing of the Statement of Foreign exchange received and monthly operational expenses incurred with the close consultation of Tax Authority and submission of the same to Central Bank, BOI and National Board of Revenue.
• Organizing different events/activities while foreign guest in town.
• Participating in seminar/ meeting organized by Ministry, BGMEA and EPB to represent Company
• Focusing and forecasting overall development and problem areas of Garment Industries in the country to the buyer from time to time.

• Focusing on product development – managing development process from flat sketch to finished product stage
• Identifying trends, and where our product goes to face the competition in the global markets.
• Working closely with vendors in terms of price, quality, delivery .
• Checking on an ongoing base the production status with all suppliers, and pro-actively detect and solve problems with the cooperation of the QC
• Managing relationships with suppliers thru self-discipline.
• Trained up all the staffs strongly to provide production feedback on all the issues as required by concerned in-house colleagues.
• Building up a strong team with a view to create an entrepreneurial spirit of works to fulfil buyers requirement by developing strong presentation, listening, verbal and written communications skills as well as technical know-how to interpret the up comings.
• Attending all in/out going mails and relaying to the concerned sub-ordinates.
• Arranging a short meeting every morning with all the Merchandisers & quality controllers to discuss about the problems & to find out the way to solve it out.
• Providing Factory progress report fortnightly/weekly/monthly to the head office in order to keep them updated the current development related to suppliers’ strength and weakness
• Programming new factory visit for new products development time to time
• Following up the entire sampling program to activate in time.
• Reviewing of weekly meeting with suppliers and monitor the production status to maintain on time shipment.
• Arranging meeting with the factory management to solve any critical problem/claim
• Reviewing the factory evaluation & reporting to the buying director prior to the placing of orders.( in case of new Factory)
• Arranging for a production meeting with the factory management during the buying trip to negotiate/finalize the orders.
• Supervising of Testing method related to testing of fabric, and finished Garment

1. Worked with a Danish owned Company called” REXHOLM A/S” in his capacity of a “ COUNTRY MANAGER “for the last 04 (Four) years under European management with a multicultural environment in its liaison office in Dhaka whose principal business is export of Readymade Garments from Bangladesh to Denmark and other European Country. [2005 – 2009]
2. Worked in a Swedish owned company called” X-INTERNATIONAL TRADING AB” is a Scandinavian trading company in capacity of a “ COUNTRY MANAGER “for 05 (Five) years under European management with a multicultural environment in its liaison office in Dhaka whose principal business is export of Readymade Garments to European Country. [2000 – 2005]

3. Served with “Cargo System” the own associated consolidator of “OOCL” in capacity of an Assistant Manager (Sales & Marketing) for 2 () years and also worked at the same time for “OOCL” a HONG KONG based liner Shipping as Asst. Manager (Sales & Marketing). [1996 – 1998]

4. Served with Shaw Wallace Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka (A British parent company), Shipping Agents for HAPAG-LLOYD AG a German based Containerized liner Shipping in capacity of a Shipping Executive (sales)for 5 (five) years in a highly competitive service environment. In this company he was also associated with Compagine Generale Maritime (CGM) a French National Shipping Line and LLOYD TRISTINO Italian National Liner Shipping for 01 (One) year. [1988 – 1995]

• Energetic
• Managing capabilities
• Leadership on Team building & Team work
• Analytical and Conceptual thinking
• Commitment and Judgment
• Effective Determination
• Building Trust and Integrity
• Drive for Results
• Thrive on Responsibility
• Negotiation
• Networking and Managing Resources
• Self Discipline


• Excellent Communicating
• Creative thinking on development and critical circumstances
• Keeping abreast of fashion trends and anticipating changes
• Moving quickly on fashion trends
• Visualizing the finished product from a sketch or drawing
• Working under pressure in a highly competitive service environment
• Knowledge of business, marketing, and self-promotion
• Meeting deadlines
• Working with and supervising people
• Planning and organizing
• Working under stress
• Problem-solving and decision-making
• Having experience to handle EU customers
• Proactive in product and business development

• Functionality – Sharing Features
• Durability – Focus on quality materials and components
• Environmental Friendliness – Avoiding health hazard products
• Performance Reliability – Reduce failure and rejection rates

1. M.COM, (Management), Dhaka University – 1992
2. B. COM, Dhaka City College, Dhaka University – 1987
3. H.S.C. from Dhaka City College, Dhaka Board – 1985
4. S.S.C. from Siddheswari high school, Dhaka Board – 1983

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Excellent in reading, writing and speaking in English and Bengali. Able to Speak and understand Hindi and Urdu.

• Received an extensive practical training on Garment Manufacturing, i.e costing of yarn and fabrics consumption, Merchandising, Trainings on Quality Control on Garment Manufacturing, Pre-production process, Process flow from yarn to finishing garments , Fabric development procedure, Vendor–Buyer interaction, Product Costing, Importance of Efficient pre production management, Detection of Problem of sample and pre-production of Garments, Execution of orders, Developing accurate product, Improving quality and maximize efficiencies on garment production, Exercise on the process implementation, Production line management, Planning of production schedule, Costs assessment of Raw materials, Estimation and determining of production timelines and schedule to meet due dates. Negotiation of price and delivery needs, possess broad based knowledge on Dying and knitting process. Possess knowledge of open width finishing of fabric. Have gained knowledge on various Testing procedure of yarn, dyed fabrics and Readymade garments including dimensional stability Possesses practical knowledge of problem forecasting and identification, rectifying the whole manufacturing process from cutting to finishing end. Follow up of orders after P.O rcvd from the buyer and can easily execute the orders by coordinating with the buyer.

• Received a two year long, distance learning courses on “Ocean Shipping and Inland Transportation: Carrier operation and interfaces” conducted by “The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey” through The World Trade Institute, New York. USA.

• Received trainings in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Finland, U.K and United States related to the quality issue, Management policy, Market Research, Store and distribution management of the buyer.

• Received in house trainings on “MIS” (Management Information System), “Quality Initiative” (Sales & Customer Service), “Core Quality” (Sales) “Quality Improvement Project” (Sales & Marketing), “Situation Negotiation Skills” from Shaw Wallace, A British Parent Company in Dhaka.

• Received a training on “Marketing Research and Salesmanship” from Rapport Bangladesh Ltd.

• Received a training on “Port Operation Management” (Container handling) from Chittagong Port Authority for 2 (two) months.

• Successfully completed the courses of TQM (Total Quality Management) from BASC (Business Advisory Services Centre) having broad-based knowledge about Quality Sprit * Fundamental of TQM * Genesis of TQM * Implementing TQM Tool kit * Quality Circle * Deeming Wheel Dealing * 5S Campaign * The role of measurement in TQM * Statistical process control * ISO 9000 and total Quality * Obtaining ISO 9000 certification and TQM application in the business.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Possess good working knowledge on software i.e., Operating Systems, MS Word, MS Excel office, MS Power Point.

Having worked with foreign companies and exposure of the head of local Management and Operation makes him capable and competent of today’s demanding job environment.
His overseas training and attending seminars, workshops and meetings has given him the ability to speak and suggest the ways and means in the functioning of a Garment import/ buying related Company.

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