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About ICCD

ICCD is a world class institute for human resource development, human capacity building and organizational development.

Our Purpose

We exist to be an integral part of the mammoth task of national capacity building of Bangladesh in all sectors i.e., private sector, public sector, and non-government sector.
During the recent years Bangladesh has been experiencing a steady annual economic growth of approximately 7%, despite the pandemic situation in 2020 and 2021. This growth has helped remarkably in reduction of poverty and rise in the per capita income. Most of the major macroeconomic parameters during the period have also been relatively stronger than ever before.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh has achieved several Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in a number of areas including significant improvements in Human Development Index (HDI) and Human Capital Index (HCI). In the context of the government’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, it will be fair to estimate that favorable trajectories in the economic and political environment will prevail in the foreseeable future, and Bangladesh will be in a position to take a leap into the next level of socio-economic development. The graduation from the LDC status is knocking on the door of reality, most likely to happen by the year 2026.
Further in the future, Bangladesh is expected to reap the benefits of the first demographic dividends resulting from the increase in the number of working age population compared to the number of dependent population for a period of one decade, starting from 2030.
However, benefits of demographic dividend should not be taken for granted. A number of vital factors must be considered for the materialization of a well-planned human capital development scheme before such benefits can be reaped.
The Government of Bangladesh and the leaders of the business communities unanimously agree that apart from the needs for more skilled workers, Bangladeshi industries, both public and private, also need more competent management and technical professionals. Without the competent management and leadership, Bangladesh will not be able to take the leverage from its competitive advantages. Therefore, all the stakeholders i.e. various ministries and departments of the Government of Bangladesh, industrial and corporate sectors, business chambers and non-government organizations are now involving themselves in developing the capacity of the workforce of Bangladeshi organizations, regardless of public or private sectors.
With the above view for human capital development in Bangladesh, International Center for Capacity Development (ICCD) has been incorporated as a private organization with the vision of becoming a significant part of the overall development of our nation by contributing to the process of human and organizational capacity building.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute extensively to professional development, organizational development and human development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help build our nation by collaborating with national and international organizations from both public and private sectors.

Our Core Values


Our Work Ethics

• We are a value-driven organization. [We draw our strengths from the time-tested principles and professional ethics]
• We put the clients’ interest ahead of our own. [We deliver more value than expected.]
• We operate as professionals. [We uphold absolute integrity and show respect to others.]
• We keep our client information confidential. [We do not reveal sensitive information of our customers.]
• We always deliver the best. [We consistently maintain high standards.]

Our Services

We help you create world class organizations:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Competency Based Training
  • Service Culture Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management System
  • Job Evaluation & Compensation Management
  • Succession Planning and Career Planning
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Recruitment & Placement
  • Marketing Communications
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mystery Shopping Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Business Development

Our Approach

  • At ICCD we serve our customers with a diagnostic, consultative and holistic approach.
  • We help our customers from the perspective of developing the organization as a whole (OD), not mere delivering training programs.
  • We start with strategic meetings with the owners and C-suite executives, where we help them revisit their organization's core values, vision, mission, objectives, goals, KPIs, corporate culture, service standards, brand positioning, strategic planning, etc.
  • We help the organization communicate and establish an internal branding by organizing culture building inspiring programs. This activity creates a festive mood and positive vibe within the organization.
  • Based on the outcome of the strategic meetings, we help the units, divisions, departments and sections of the organization set their KPIs and performance management system.
  • We help all the divisions reorganize their policies (P&P) and standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • We help the HRM department revisit and restructure the organizational structure.
  • Based on the job descriptions and task lists of all the positions, we help the organization create the master competency map.
  • We help the departments assess their respective competency gaps.
  • We help the organization organize and manage training programs according to competency gaps or result of training needs analysis (TNA). The training programs include management skills, leadership skills, process improvement skills, functional skills, soft skills etc.
  • World class resource persons for specific training programs will be sourced and engaged.
  • We help the departments carry out the impact analysis by creating customer satisfaction index (CSI), employee satisfaction index (ESI), return on investment analysis (ROI), performance management (PM), revenue and profit analysis.
  • We help the organization follow up on organizational growth, sustainability and further strategic planning.

Partial List of Training Programs

Following is a partial list of training programs. We will be pleased to create and customize any training programs according to our clients' training needs.

  • Managerial Skills (Developing the Key Managerial Skills)
  • Team Leadership (Leading & Managing Teams)
  • Team Building (Building High Performance Teams)
  • Situational Leadership (Applying Leadership as per the Situations of Followers)
  • Transformational Leadership (Applying Leadership to Transform People and Organizations)
  • Crisis Management (Managing Crisis in the Workplace)
  • Time Management (Managing Time for Higher Productivity)
  • Stress Management (Managing Stress in the Workplace)
  • Change Management (Managing Change in the Workplace)
  • Creativity & Innovation (Developing Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace)
  • Decision Making (Making Decisions Effectively)
  • Problem Solving (Solving Problems Effectively)
  • Communication Skills (Applying Effective Communication Skills)
  • Business Communication Skills (Developing Business Communications Skills)
  • The Soft Skills Framework (Implementing the Soft Skills Framework in the Workplace)
  • The Emotional Intelligence Framework (Implementing the Emotional Intelligence Framework in the Workplace)
  • Workplace Ownership (Developing Ownership in the Workplace)
  • Personal Excellence & Personal Leadership (Developing Personal Excellence for Professional Effectiveness)
  • Supervisory Skills (Developing Supervisory Skills)
  • Work & Life Balance (Developing Work & Life Balance for Higher Productivity)
  • Negotiation Skills (Negotiating for Results)
  • Conflict Management (Managing Conflicts & Politics in the Workplace)
  • Corporate Management (Managing Business with the Most Pragmatic Tools)
  • TOT / TTT (Training of Trainers / Train the Trainers)
  • Personal Selling Skills (Developing Effective Sales Techniques)
  • Key Account Management (Managing Key Accounts)
  • Relationship Skills (Developing Professional Relationships)
  • Networking Skills (Networking for Professional Excellence)
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills (Coaching & Mentoring in the Workplace)
  • Etiquette & Grooming (Developing Etiquette & Grooming for Professional Success)
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills (Developing Public Speaking and Presentation Skills)
  • Corporate Culture (Building World Class Corporate Culture)
  • Brand Management (Building Super Brands)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (Applying the Integrated Marketing Communications Skills)
  • Service Culture (Building the Service Culture in the Organization)
  • Customer Service Excellence (Delivering Excellent Customer Service)
  • Camping & Learning with Jishu Tarafder (Outbound Adventure with Hiking, Biking, Trekking & Camping)
  • Recharging & Learning with Jishu Tarafder (Outbound Retreat Program with Meditation & Yoga)
  • Negative Emotions Management (Managing Anger, Fear, Jealousy and Unrest in the Workplace)
  • Motivation & Happiness (Inculcating Motivation & Happiness in the Workplace)
  • Strategic Thinking (Thinking Strategically for a Better Future)
  • Strategic Planning & Strategic Management (Developing Strategic Management & Strategic Scenario Planning Skills)
  • The Thinking Framework (Applying the Thinking Framework in the Workplace)
  • Risk Management (Assessing and Managing the Risk Factors for Sustainable Growth)
  • Small Enterprises & Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) (Developing Entrepreneurial Skills)
  • Diversity Management (Managing Diversity in the Workplace)
  • Employee Motivation & Engagement (Engaging the Workforce for Higher Productivity

Industry Specific Training & Consultancy Services:

  • Service Culture Development
  • Personal Hygiene & Grooming for Hospitality
  • Customer service for Hospitality Industry
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Workplace Safety for Hospitality Establishments
  • Food & Beverage Service (ToT)
  • Housekeeping Services (ToT)
  • Front Office Operation (ToT)
  • Food & Beverage Menu Planning
  • Brand Negotiation with International Chains
  • Architectural Design Review for Hospitality Establishments
  • Interior Design Review for Hospitality Establishments
  • Recruiting for Hospitality Establishment
  • Hotel Property Development
  • Guest Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Service Quality Survey
  • Loyalty Program Development
  • Training of Trainers (ToT) for Property Service Culture Development

Customization of training programs: All programs including the trainings will be customized for your company by incorporating the corporate culture and graphics standards of your company.

Partial List of Our Clients

Following is a partial list of clients where ICCD and its sister concerns Leadage Consulting Group and Corporate Coach have provided training & consulting services during last 10 years:

BRAC Bank Ltd.
Standard Chartered Bank
The City Bank Ltd
Premier Bank Ltd.
IDLC Finance
Jamuna Bank Ltd.
Pan Pacific Sonargaon
Radisson Water Garden
The Westin Dhaka
Lake Shore Hotel
Platinum Suites
Apollo Hospitals
Six Seasons Hotel
The Way Dhaka
The Palace Luxury Resort
Aamra Group
Navana Group
Unique Group
Kallol Group
Petregaz LPG
Nitol Group
Super Star Group
Grameen Phone
Bangla Link

BRAC IT Services Ltd.
Prothom Alo JobsChittagong Skill Development Center (CSDC)
Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI)
Center for Professional Development (CPD)
Lighthouse Bangladesh
Popular Pharmaceuticals
Qatar Airways
Square Pharmaceuticals
Julphar Pharmaceuticals
Cambrian College
Institute of Chartered Accountants, Bangladesh (ICAB)
Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

BRAC University
Gana Unnyan Kendra (GUK)
Practical Action
International Labor Organization (ILO)International Organization for Migration (IOM)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Borak Real Estate
Epyllion Group
Fakir Apparels
H & M
Li & Fung
Avery Dennison/Paxar
Comfit Composite Ltd.
Bureau Veritas
Crown Cement etc.
The Daily Prothom Alo

Our Board of Directors

Lieutenant General
Md. Shafiqur Rahman
OSP (BAR), SPP, afwc, psc (Retd.)

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Jishu Tarafder
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Syed Reza Elias
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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